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Boy meets girl-an inspired photo montage

Happy September!! This summer was a happy blur of good times. We were lucky enough to spend some film making time in Laguna Beach, and film a stunning wedding in Jackson Hole, WY. Destination weddings are becoming a welcome addition to our repertoire. So remember, tell your friends and family… anytime, anyplace they need a filmmaker to invite the black sheep!  “Have HD film gear, will travel!”

The photo montage above was inspired by Joel and Kristina telling me their favorite movie was “500 days of Summer”.  I took that info and ran with it.  Their story was especially cinematic as the surprise wedding proposal was caught on film. Kristina was the University of Arizona’s mascot “Wilma the Wildcat” during her college career.  Astonishingly, “Wilbur” (Wilma’s male counterpart) showed up during a family photo session, took a knee, and popped the question. She said “YES!” and they went on to have a great engagement and gorgeous wedding.  We filmed at Saguaro Buttes, and had the pleasure of working with Heather and Jacob Dahle of Delightful Photo. This montage was shown at the reception, to lots of laughs, a few tears, and rousing applause.

Thanks for visting and please stay tuned for the next black sheep filmworks blog, I gotta feeling…you’re gonna like it!

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Blog, blog black sheep…

Lots of sunshine, laughter and yarmulkes at this Shenanaganza…Jeannie and Ari gave us a few ideas, such as their appreciation for the Guy Ritchie movie “Snatch”–we took it and ran with it! They let us pick the song, so “I want you to” by Weezer was the natural choice. Jeannie and Ari loved it, we love it, hope you do to!

On a different note, it’s May. Really?!  I know they say that as you age, time seems to speed up, but this is ridiculous. It seems like just yesterday I was at In[FOCUS], a top-notch event filmmaker get-together held in Austin at the end of January. The creative energy was amazing, and I had a great time catching up with old friends and making lots of new ones. I can’t wait until the next filmmaker events, such as the POSH event (a cruise to the Bahamas for female filmmakers!) and IN[FOCUS] 2011.

We have been very busy here at black sheep. Besides creating “Snatchified” previews like Jeannie and Ari’s, the spring has been a whirlwind of weddings, films for non-profit organizations, and learning how to use my latest baby, my Canon 7D.  We are also in the process of re branding.  Don’t worry, the black sheep is here to stay, but the word “video” is out.  We are now black sheep filmworks, with the blessing of the wonderful John and Jenn Moon of Northernlight Filmworks (, who are top event filmmakers based in Indianapolis.  In trying to find an available URL, the word filmworks popped up, and I liked it, but it rang a bell.  Oh yeah, Northernlight Filmworks…after contacting the Moon’s they said ‘go for it, we like the sound of black sheep filmworks’.  They create amazing films, and are a source of inspiration for me and many other event filmmakers.  Thank you to John and Jen for being so generous and sharing with me.

I will keep you posted on the re brand.  This blog is new, and should be easier for most because the clips are in Flash posted on Vimeo.  We are working on a new website, and some great new black sheep are on their way.  We are creating a wedding sheep, a corporate sheep, and a blog sheep.  Just you wait!

Enjoy this latest preview, it’s pretty fun.

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