Love Notes

What our happy clients have to say:

Jody & Chuck

“We do not have words. OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!


We are SO blown away.  It’s absolutely unbelievable!!!!

We can’t thank you enough.  This is the most incredible thing ever, Stepheny!!”


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Gretchen & Eric

“Some of the best wedding planning advice I received was to go for a videographer…. And as it turned out, my husband and I feel the money spent to have Stepheny from Black Sheep film our wedding day, was money VERY well spent!! (Like, the best money we spent towards our entire wedding, the video is THAT good!)…Honestly, I can’t imagine having had our wedding without Stepheny and her team. The film that they produced is beyond anything I could have imagined. My wedding day was a dream come true and to be able to watch it over and over again (and I have!) is absolutely priceless.”

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Caitlin & Tyler

“The final product was unbelievable! Black Sheep captured details that (unfortunately) escaped our photographer. From the shots of the décor, to the wedding party getting ready, to the ceremony, to the reception—everything was so well represented and sewn together in this magical, heartfelt, amorous gift! Stepheny strived to incorporate any and all elements that were important to us (shots of my grandparents whose anniversary it was, DIY decorations made by family and friends, the Eegees we served pre-ceremony….I could go on and on). Your wedding day goes by so fast and you don’t get to see or be a part of everything that’s happening….that’s why you need Black Sheep to be there…to allow you to look back on the day you’ve planned so meticulously and see how nervous/adorable your groom was getting ready, to see guests arriving and mingling, and everyone having a spectacular time on the dance floor and at the photo booth. Black Sheep will be your eyes, ears and creator of the greatest wedding gift you’ll receive. Don’t hesitate, book now….like, yesterday! “

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Deanna & Nathan

“Hello Stepheny, I’m Deanna’s Dad. You blew me away. I never imagined capturing so much in such a perfect way. I’m a raving fan for life. You’re simply the best. XO

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Tonya & Dan

‘Stepheny Keith is an invaluable member of any wedding team. She is so much fun to have around during your big day, and her talent is unmeasurable.
Without our wedding video from Black Sheep, I would have missed out on so many things that went on at my wedding. They captured so many things that were so special. I still watch my video on a daily basis and it takes me back to my wedding day like it was yesterday. I know weddings are costly, but having Black Sheep Filmworks at your wedding is worth every penny and I guarantee you won’t regret it. Stepheny’s work gives you something to hold on to that even an amazing photographer can’t.”

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Linda & Ali

“Oh MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is the first time I have cried at something related to my wedding.
How could I possibly begin to thank you?!
Stepheny–it like you climbed into my Heart and captured every feeling I have.

Watch Linda & Ali’s wedding preview

Sarah & Jerred

“If you are debating the need of a wedding videographer, don’t – Black Sheep Filmworks is an absolute must have! Our wedding film turned out amazing! Stepheny makes you feel very comfortable and the shots they get are something right out of a movie. We love our wedding photos but the video truly brings back all the feelings we had on our special day and captures all the love and joy. It made us cry and laugh all over again. It will be something I cherish forever. Out of all the money we spent on our wedding I feel like the Black Sheep Filmworks was by far the most worth it. My advice to my brides to be: don’t go without a videographer even if you have to cut your budget elsewhere–you wont regret it, I promise.”

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Gina & William

“Stepheny created the most beautiful, tear provoking, and memorable video for us. I was very hesitant on spending the money on a video but I am BEYOND THANKFUL that I chose her. It was worth every single penny and I would have paid double had I seen the final product when I signed the contract. She is a true artist. She captured our day so perfectly and now we have her incredible work to cherish for the rest of our lives.
If you are debating whether or not to go with her or do a video at all. STOP debating now, you have found the best that there is.
Just hope she is available.”

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Sam & Sam

“I was a little skeptical about hiring a videographer for my March 2014 wedding, but hiring Black Sheep was by far the best decision I made in the planning process. Stepheny was phenomenal! So easy to work with and our final product is outstanding!! The day goes by so quickly and it is so fun to be able to look back and relive the details and emotions. Her videos tell a story and the incorporation of our audio (vows, toasts, letters, etc) fits so well with the details she captured.
Stepheny was amazing and every bride should make some room in their budget for Black Sheep Filmworks! It was the best money we spent… aside from my dress ;)”

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Elise & Scott

“If you’re looking for the best look no further. Black Sheep Filmworks did a wonderful job with our wedding day video. When my husband and I received it we were floored by how beautifully it came together, and we couldn’t be happier with the result. Stepheny Keith, as well as her assistant, were an absolute pleasure to work with. They were professional and fun, and really helped make our day that much more enjoyable. Undoubtedly worth every penny!”

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