Why should I have my wedding day professionally filmed?

Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime experience. After months of careful planning to make your celebration perfect, your emotions will fly by in a heartbeat – laughter shared with friends and family as you prepare for your ceremony, eager anticipation as you walk down the aisle, tears of joy as you say your vows, the fun and excitement of your reception. These moments are full of sights, sounds, and motion! And these memories are what are left after your wedding day is over. As professional wedding filmmakers, we capture emotions as only a moving picture can and preserve them for you to enjoy over and over again and to pass down to future generations.

Why should I choose black sheep filmworks to film my wedding?

By having us film your wedding, you get the exceptional benefits of an experienced professional wedding filmmaker: a creative eye with the ability to capture flattering angles and compose terrific shots, the skill to anticipate important moments and ensure that emotional moments are captured forever, plus you get professional HD cameras, professional microphones, professional editing to give you the outstanding picture quality and great sound that your wedding day deserves. The edited master will be copied to a customized flash drive, and the wedding highlight will be streamed online.  All in all, you get a complete production that beautifully captures your memories in a film that you will love.

I have hired a really great still photographer. Do I need a filmmaker as well?

Would you watch the Superbowl in a book? Would your favorite Broadway musical be as fantastic in print? No to both. Your wedding day MOVES. These are sites and sounds that will never happen again. His first glance as the music swells and you walk down the aisle. Your father’s toast with a slight tremble in his voice. A wistful smile and an “Oh sweetheart, you look beautiful…” as your mom sees you in your gown for the first time. The only way to truly remember this day, in all its glory, is with an amazing wedding film.

How should I choose a professional wedding filmmaker?

Hiring the right filmmaker does make a difference. There are no retakes in a live event. It must be done right the first time. Choose a wedding filmmaker who is accomplished and dedicated to outstanding service – it takes more than good equipment to make a great film. It takes talent, vision, and accomplished camera skills. Also keep in mind that your filmmaker will be with you throughout your wedding day. Choose someone you feel confident will interact well with both you and your guests. The most important element to shop for is the actual filmmaker, whose creative experience, professionalism and talents are what you really want.

Will the filmmaker be intrusive?

Not if you hire black sheep ūüėČ One of our favorite things to hear after a wedding is “I didn’t even know you were there!” ¬†With state of the art DSLR and HD cameras, we are able to use very little additional lighting to achieve astonishing results. Gone are the days of the big cameras/lights…we will blend in and capture it all!

We’ve heard a lot about Stepheny. Will she be the one to film our event?

Most Likely!  When you hire black sheep filmworks you ALWAYS get the ahhmazing black sheep crew. Unless we have made other arrangements, Stepheny is the main shooter, with one or two assistants who have been thoroughly trained in the ways of the black sheep.  We arrive in all black, with a creative vision for your day. We are like ninjas, (the non-violent type) with cameras.

What about pricing and packages?

Your investment in your wedding film starts at $2900. We have many package options, and would love to discuss what is best for you and your big day.

How does the editing process work?

We have you fill out a wedding questionnaire before your wedding date. This gives us all of your dates, times, locations, names, music choices, fonts, colors etc…be as detailed as you wish, or leave it in our capable hands. Some of our best magic happens that way!¬†Our normal turn-around time is twelve to sixteen weeks after the wedding date and receipt of all editing materials.

Will I watch my film more than once?

Our clients tell us they watch their wedding films over and over again. We’re creating a movie of your wedding day that is fun and exciting to relive. Most say they see something new every time they watch it. You’ll love sharing your film with family and friends. And most importantly, you’ll have a permanent record of an amazing moment in time that will be passed down for generations to come.

What do I need to do to hire black sheep filmworks as my wedding filmmaker?

Go to the contact page and email us, or give us a call at (520)760-0023.