We need a video for our company web site. Can you produce one?

Of course! In fact, the Web is the hottest form of content delivery today. Clients who find you on the web expect to see an interesting video about you and what you do. We can film, edit and embed a video on your site. There are lots of options -product demos, client testimonials, facility tours or construction progress, the before/during/after of a company project, etc. We can produce your video, embed it on your site, or supply it to your web master.

What kind of Corporate/Non-profit videos do you produce?

Every type you can think of! Corporate video is an integral part of your mission statement. We produce all of the following and more on for websites and commercial use:
Web promos
Splash page videos
Product Demos
Annual meetings and inspirational pieces
Training materials
Trade Shows
Corporate retreats
Photo montages

Whatever printed or power point material, we can produce a video with the same, but much more powerful message. With video, your audience will get the picture in sight AND sound. The emotional impact of an interesting video cannot be understated. The most direct result? Increased SALES! Not to mention, a more informed client=a happy client.

What equipment do you use?

Whatever works best for the job!  We film with the latest cameras, everything from Canon DSLRs, to GoPros to Sony and Panasonic HD cameras. We also utilize Rode, Sennheiser, Zoom, and Tascam mics and recording devices for great audio. Micropanel LEDs are our choice for on/off camera lighting. We are happy to go over any questions you have about equipment, and make adjustments to produce the look and sound you want.

What do you charge?

Contact us and we will create a custom quote for your project.

Do you travel?

Absolutely. We travel throughout Arizona. We are also available for national and international travel.  Please contact us for travel rates and availability.

How do I hire Black Sheep Filmworks to produce my video?

Fill out our contact form, or give us a call at (520) 760-0023.