May 2018

The First Look: Yes you should!

So, I assume from the title that you can tell..I’m a fan! The first look is a great way to see your beloved, before the ceremony, and have a truly ahhhmazing moment. First looks are especially good on video. I love it when a bride walks up to her waiting groom, and she starts to almost run because she is so excited to see him. I’m not fond of the “tap on the shoulder” move…it just seems weird, did she sneak up on him, does he need to be reminded that she is there? I like a real first look, where they see each other, in a beautiful setting, in all their pre-nuptial glory and fall into each others’ arms. Oh, the romance…#lesigh

Kylie and Dirk’s first look from the Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain is absolutely gorgeous! I adore these two and their passion for each other shines through. If you are on the fence about a first look, watch this and be swayed. Besides, it gives you more time on your wedding day for photos, and gets rid of those pre-wedding jitters. I’m a fan…how about you?

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