August 2012

Reflections at the Buttes wedding preview-Brandy & Phil

So…Brandy and I have a lot in common. We both know and love Amelia and Aron Schmidt, she’s a collegiate swim coach at LSU, I love to watch competitive swimming and eating spicy cajun food and we both LOVE the Good Egg restaurant. She loves it because it’s her family business and it’s amazing. I love it because it has a special connection with my son Aidan. 11 + years ago we were having lunch at the Good Egg where I gave my husband a card with a really cute mama and baby polar bear. Yes, I was telling him that we were pregnant for the second time. He should have guessed as I only ordered decaf coffee, which is normally not my style. Nine months later, I was having breakfast at the Good Egg with my mom, and I started having contractions. Cut to TMC and later that day we were blessed with Aidan James Keith. I had no idea that Brandy’s family owned the Good Egg, but when I suggested Starbucks as a meeting place, she suggested the Good Egg and I was very happy. After our meeting, during which I got to chat with her fiance Phil, her mom, dad and brother, she sent me home with pancakes and bacon for Aidan. All was right in the world.
Cut to April 27, 2011. This was a day unlike any other. From soccer to swimming, suspenders and bow ties, beer brewed by Brandy’s Dad, goggles and redcards (Phil is the soccer guru), to a surprise “Thriller” flash mob…ummm…WOW! Brandy was beautiful, Reflections at the Buttes looked grand, and Phil was simply the cutest groom ever. Family and friends were overjoyed by this union, and partied until the wee hours.
Many thanks to the Collins, Maben and Schmidt families. You treated us like family.
Thanks also to Neal Kreuser, and the staff at Reflections. We had a great time creating with you!
WARNING!!! VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED: Many cupcakes were harmed during the filming of the gorgeous love fest 😉
Music:Leslie and the Badgers
Old Timers (Edit)  Licensed through Song Freedom

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